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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

.:: Islamic Studies Presentation (Tasawur Islam) ::.

Alhamdulillah...praise to Allah S.W.T for the time and opportunity He gave to us to be as a Muslim. Actually, my group members, Zharif Alias and Fara Azieytul Nabila and me myself, Ahmad Izzuddin Rosman had just finish doing our discussion this night about MAQASID AL-SHARI'AH and TASAWUR ISLAM. So, I think that I want to share something with you about TASAWUR ISLAM.


Tasawur in a simple word is called as characteristics of Islam. There are six characteristics which make Islam a unique religion. The six characteristics are rabbaniyah, thabat and murunah, shumuliyah, 'alamiyah, wasatiah, and waqi'iyyah. What's the meaning of those characteristics?


Rabbaniyah means Godliness/Divinity. It derived from the word "Rabb" which means the lord of the world. We must believe that Allah is the only one God in this world. HE created all things without any helps from anybody. HE's the one who control all things in the world and the ONE who should all of us worship to.


Thabat and Murunah means continuity and changes. Islam is a simple religion as the command from Allah are flexible and can be proceed in other ways. As an example, when a muslim are in the middle of Musafir, Allah gave him RUKSAH in prayers. He can do JAMA' QASAR prayers. The command for performing prayers are compulsory for all Muslims but the ways to perform it is flexible. Another example are about solat for sick and ill people. For people who can't do their prayers by standing, he is allowed to perform it by sitting. If he still can't manage it, he can do it by landing on the bed. But if he still can't perform it, Allah gave him another RUKSAH by usig only eye signal. This shows that Islam is too easy and flexible.


Shumuliyah means comprehensiveness. In a simple explanation, it means that Islam is the only complete religion in the world. It teaches and guides us in all our acts through out our life. It teaches people from childhood until we die, from wake up on the morning until we wake up on the next morning. All of those teachings had been told us in the Al-Qur'an and explained details by prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. Example of shumuliyah are if you want to seek for money, Islam had gave us he guidelines on how to search for it. The money must come from a halal source. It must not contain riba' and so on. If you want to studies, Islam already gave us guidelines on what type of studies should we seek and so on.


Alamiyah means univarsality. In other word, it means that Islam is a religion that can be practice for all people. It doesn't matter whether it is children or man. It's teaching are same for all mankind in all situations. It doesn't differentiate between sex, races, nationality, skin colour and so on. In Islam, women and men are same. What matters differentiate them are thier level of Islamic knowledge, thier practice, and thier belief in Allah S.W.T.


Wasatiyah in English means balance. Islam is a religion which is balance. It asks the Muslims to balance thmselves between spiritual and morality. Far apart from Christianity ideology which a man need to gave away all thier property and only seek for day hereafter. Where as in Islam, Allah S.W.T told us to be balance in "Dunia" and "Akhirat". In one Hadith :
Imam Bukhari said: Sa `id bin Abi Maryam told us: Muhammad bin Ja` far told us: Humayd bin Abi Humayd Tawil (high) told us that he heard Anas bin Malik sallallahu `anhu said:

"Three men came to the house of the Prophet's wives asking for Prophets's worship towards Allah. When they are told they feel like they are too little regard. Thus they say: "Where are our place to compete the Prophet who was pardoned for his past sins and the latter sin". One of them said: "The I would do the parayer a full night forever. " Said another: "I will fast for a full year without a break. " Another said: "I will be separating myself from the women and will not marry forever. " When Prophet heard about it, he came to meet them then asked: "Is it you who said so-so? As for me, by Allah is the most feared and most conscious of God among you, but I fast and open, I pray and sleep and I marry women. Those who hate my Sunnah then he is not from my ummah. "


Waqi'iyyah is known as practicabality. Islam is a very pratical religion and can be practice by anybody. It's doesn't make the religion too tuff for the Muslims. As an exmaple for Solat, Allah only ask us to performs our prayers only 5 times per day. HE is the Godand he can easily ask us to perform it 24 hours. But, HE ask us to perform prayers only 5 times per day. Other example can be seen from Zakat, HE ask us to give zakat. But Islam doesn't told us to give away all of our property. But Islam told us to give only a small percentage of it. For al-hajj, although it is one from the five pillarsof Islam, but it is told to perform Hajj only for those who are able to perform it.

Thus, this six characteristics makes Islam as a very unique religion as it makes the process of worshiping Allah easy and it doesn't make it hard for the believers. It's flexible and practicle thus make it easy to be followed. =)